Thursday, June 25, 2009

play around with charcoal..

salam.. this is my second attempt with charcoal.. soft charcoal.. its very hard to control.. quite messy..


naqiubex said...

That common charcoal or there is a special charcoal for drawing..

Quite messy.. still very pretty..
fabulous work..

Syiekatsuya said...

Hai..thank sebab kunjung kat site and add link. Fabulous work you have done here. Jika bagi kat Untie Lucy..entah apa jadinya

Sheila said...

I use a sock on my drawing hand that I've cut off the toe and extra hole for my thumb and fingers. I find that moving a piece of paper around to keep from smudging is too much trouble for me.

LiYaNa said...

thanks to all... i'll improve it for the next drawing...

Orang Senyap said...

wah.. im amaze with coz painting..
gud job..!!

shukor yahya said...


Mana dia Chiaroscuro study di portrait ini. You must apply that lesson in ypur future painting. You Free Palestine and Saddam Hussein are good. If you continue doing those paintings you are highlighting the Middle East issues. It is one of a good direction for you and the whole world. You maybe satire and whimsical about it.

Try to pick one humanity issue and focus on it until you can come out with a series of at least 20 pieces for a show. slowly you'll discover your strength in style.

Stay creative. Insya'Allah.

LiYaNa said...

terima kasih... komen ini sangat berharga.. saya akn notice subject matter ni dgn lebih serius... trm ksh..

zedmagel said...

Salam Liyana,

Even with charcoal the drawn still great. Really Good job you've done.

Girl - just wake up form her dream, isn't it?

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