Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Red Lollipop"

"The Red Lollipop"

this artwork was done by charcoal and pastel.. A2 size...

i got this idea of making this drawing after the issues
of Israeli attacked on aid flotilla being a current world issues.. then.., i was just thinking about choosing a kid as a main subject matter to tell us a story by her own perspective.. we can actually talk everything about this matter.. but for a little kid...? lets 'hear' the story..from "The Red Lollipop"

can u feel this little Palestinian telling us her story....from her own perspective..?
she deserve to enjoy her child life... to be happy... to feel the sweet...the taste of life as a kid...
she wanna have a fun and sweet life... but for Palestinian..there's no end of this war...

the colour of the lollipop is actually do explain the "sweet" of it taste.. is it really 'sweet'? i am using the red colour of the lollipop to show the taste of their
actual pain... the colour of their suffer... the red of their blood... and the kid is actually 'enjoy' the feeling of the taste...

can u see her eyes is wondering how is the the real sweet taste is feel like? is it feel this way? she asked. she just the way too young to understand the whole world talking about.. she dont really wanna know...till someday maybe her parent or her sibling might be killed in a war... and..she still wondering...if she can live in a happy life. to have a happy family, happy moment with the joy of being a kid.. does it taste sweet?

their word are so special.. when listen to them talking about their dreaming.., what do u feel? someday...will it become true? she asked again.

till the rest of it...the story... i leave on u to feel and watch the story by your instinct..

hope this artwok can make us think.. not only thinking...but feel the way she felt.. and the rest..? i just can smile and say, when this will end?

do leave your comment.. i do appreciate it.. thank you.. =)