Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Portrait of Kak Marliana

Pastel on A3 paper...
i'm dissapointed with the phone camera quality.. urrghh..Sorry kak Mar.. looks like i've did some mistakes on your beautiful eyes.. hihi.. but by the way.. this photo was snap while i'm not done the final touch.. well.. finishing touch is supposed to be more attractive... hihi.. but i have to admit... i'm getting excited to upload this one.. haha.. sorry.. but i'll upload the last result... Kak Marliana have a beautiful eyes... her eyes are so attractive.. hihi.. she's cute and easy going... so really hope this can post will make you laugh a lot.. hehehe..

well.. i still have several portraits that need to be done by this moment.. but there's a little busy preparing for upcoming kenduri and raya Aidil Adha... so, my works are getting slow... i'm sorry...

still life painting with pastel

I'm done.. but sorry for the camera quality of this photo.. terrible.. but i'm satisfied... this painting is for study the glass lighting...

portrait of kak su

ada problem dlm portrait ni... so i'm gonna remake for this one... wait...sorry kak su for cause a little trouble.. hihi.. sorry for made u waited..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

new portrait

baby shuhada... pastel on a3 paper... this is not the best of mine.. but i'm satisfied.. snap pakai phone camera... quality sgt low.. nti la saya upload versi yg lebih baik..
she's gorgeous.. cute and easy going.. so shuhada, akak harap u'll like it..