Thursday, December 16, 2010

couple drawing

this is my friend, Raja with his special one.. this drawing was done by pencils on A3 paper size. i'm using tissues and Q-tip to blend the tone as you can see the stroke is a bit soft. when using tissues to blend the tone, it appear the soft effect on your drawing. this is called smudge technique. it would be different if you applying the cross hatching technique. wanna see what the different? try it out...then you can understand more. 

this is a little tips. see the butterfly in the background on this drawing? i'll share you the tips how to draw it. ok, using your pencil, doesn't matter what grade it is, fill out the background with the smudge tone. but i'm suggesting you to use 6B grade, it is much easier when you applying the smudge technique. then, take out you eraser. cut it. if you can see now, your eraser would have the sharp shape on the end of the top after you cut it right? ok now, by using the eraser, erase the blend tone on your background with any shape you like. do it carefullly. don't worry if you did some mistake because it is easy to fix. just blend it again and do it again untill it works. 

don't forget to try it out... i'll share you with some tips next time.. have fun. (",)

pencil portrait

Salam and hello.. this is a drawing done by pencils on A4 paper size. i drawn this when i'm in my campus with some of friends. well, i found that, i can finished it quickly when i'm outing.. hanging out with my friends...

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well, feel free to comment. have a nice day.

pencil colour drawing

Salam and hello friends... i know, it have been such a long time i haven't update my gallery. i've been too busy with my study and my business... too much works loaded and my schedule is getting pack just now. i was hoping that my blog will always keep updating from time to time.. yup..i'll work for it... i'll be more alert with my current update.. sure... hu hu hu.. insya Allah.. but, for more current update from me, do add me in your facebook..ok?

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Well, this drawing was done by pencil colour on A3 paper size. it was quite long i haven't use pencil colour. well, this is the result.. i'll improve more next time.... huhu... but, do we realize something from the moment you produce your current artwork? i mean..., you'll fine something new... well, your progress, your thinking..your study, your observing... well, the artwork is the mirror where you can see the real in you are actually.. what can i say is, from the moment i've painted and drawn something  currently, i found, i'm actually getting complicated you know.. just because i leave it quite a longer time.. so, from now on, i'll be more serious in my Art work.... 

thanks for visiting my gallery.. feel free to comment.. i'll appreciate to any kinds of critism.. enjoy your day..! salam...