Saturday, February 26, 2011

simple drawing

This drawing was done while i'm progressing on my new master piece painting... i was little bit depressed on detailing part... then i take out a piece of a4 paper and started sketched the cutie little girl in my folder on my desktop.. it is a simple drawing because i'm not detailed it well... but i like the way it look unfinished drawing.. 

click to enlarge

Some of my FB friends did asked me by inbox, why i'm not updated my blog... i'm sorry guys.. i was very busy with extra works loaded... i'm study and also doing 'some' part time job... i'm sorry.. but i'll try to manage my time well to spent for updating my blog... by the way.. i would like to share with you a good news... insya Allah... probably i will join an exhibition on April.. hopefully it will be well planned.. any current new, i'll let you know...

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