Thursday, July 30, 2009

video pastel

salam and hello to all readers... Lately, i'm not in the pink of health.. so, i'll be 'quiet' for a while.. take some rest and treatment.. i'll be back to continue my works...!

i would like to share this video., pastel painting by Julio Puentes, one of my favourite artist. i've learned most of his video painting. check this out how did he done this portrait beautifully..

for more artworks from Julio Puentes, you can visit his website at here


naqiubex said...

I like the song..

Well and his work of course..

singamaraja said...

Salam ramadan al mubarak to you

Beebee said...

Awak cantik secantik lukisan!He..he..he

zedmagel said...

Salam Lyana,

Salam Ramadhan buat anda dan abang tersayang. Bulan bulan barakah ini jagan selalu kuar berdua. Bertiga tak pe..he..he..

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