Thursday, August 28, 2008

:: WeLcOme tO My BLoG ::

Assalamualaikum... welcome everyone... thanks for dropping by my blog.

first of all.., i would like to introduce myself.. i'm not a special person.. i'm muslimah and have a passion in art.. i love in art since i was kids.. at the beginning i just make art as my hobby.. i never thought of being an artist.. coz i know.., i'm not that good in drawing.. but still..., art make me crazy.. hihi.. so.., i'm start to keep practising to develop my skill till now.. with support from my family specially someone special.., i decide to move on.. keep moving forward..! thanks to all my friends for supporting me till now.. i hope u guys..., still keep in touch with me ok? so.. enjoy looking at those artworks.. salam a'laik..

drawing ni dibuat pd pertengahan tahun 2008... drawing ni dibuat oleh someone...pelukis asalnye mintak supaya saye baiki... so.., this is the result.. song hye kyo.. pelakon korea dalam drama siri "Full House".. medium yg digunakan ialah pensil gred 2B, 6B dan 8B atas kertas A4..

drawing ni dibuat mase bekerja di salah sebuah kedai cendera mata..dengan ibu angkat.. drawing ni dilukis atas kayu dgn menggunakan medium soft pastel dan pensil warna..

drawing ni pulak dihasilkan atas kayu macam yg atas tadi.. dengan menggunakan medium soft pastel dan pensil warna.. de kat kedai ibu.

artwork ni dihasilkan dengan medium poster colour buncho on drawing paper.. x habis pun.. malas nak habiskan.. hihi..

this drawing was made by me.. for..someone.. tp masih x siap.. sebenarnye ade buat silap dalam drawing ni... tp pastu x sambung pulak.. but.. i'll continue it one day..

this is the latest drawing.. drawing ni saje suke2.. kajian nak main dengan stroke.. x siap lg.. pencil on A4 paper..


Hajar said...

Gone were the days when I drew and sketch. Nowadays, I spend my time doodling and scribbling. Keep you passion alive and you'll definitely be good at it. :)

Anonymous said...

Mashallah i luv you're drawing
your better than me lol
The best is the one in nijab
Keep up the hard work n inshallah one day you'll be successful

Anonymous said...

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